Human Rights and Common Man

The concept of human rights is neither Anti-Police nor Pro-Criminal. Any society to remain peaceful, social justice should be ensured therein. Social justice means observance of all rights by all peoples under all circumstances. After all, peace is a product of justice.

Therefore, individual rights do not necessarily in conflict with the peace in the society. No doubt, those accused of having violated other’s rights should be punished. The issue of human rights also involves how and by whom they should be punished and how to prevent recurrence of such crimes.

The fact that the observance of human rights standards in the course of criminal investigation or maintaining law and order is not impractical, has been amply demonstrated by the law enforcement officials themselves. In fact, they have proved that such observance would enhance the efficiency in the task.

The phrase human rights is self-explanatory. Whereas, a commoner is anxious to know as to what precisely these rights are? Next comes the question as to the difference between the various kinds of rights such as Fundamental rights, etc., Many amongst us also have a confusion as to the rights of different classes of people such as Women, Minorities, Indigenous peoples viz. Tribals, Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes, Children, etc., with respect to human rights.

Difference between Rights: –

The main difference between all these rights and the human rights is simple. Human rights are inherent in all human beings from their birth. Human rights are inviolable under any circumstance by any person possessing whatever authority. The rest of the rights need not necessarily be so. They are part of the national law or international law. Since the law is enacted by the Legislatures and Parliament they may be taken away by another law made by them. There fore it may be noted that Constitutional rights also cannot be called as human rights.

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